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Inpsection Mirrors & Milprobes

1 MilProbes
for Ultra Fine Pitch Rework - BGA, Flip Chip, TAB, COB, etc.

The RocHard 1 MilProbe is a 0.3" long Micro-tip in a 4 3/8" long hex shape stainless steel handle. The Micro-tip is tapered to a one mil diameter tip for TAB, BGA, and other ultra fine pitch rework. The tip is either straight (SH-341) or 50° angled at 5 mil from the point (SH-316). The different tip geometry allows the tips to reach between all curcuit leads and traces under a microscope.

Available Models
SH-316 (50° Angled)
SH-341 (Straight)
SH-322 (Kit including both SH-316 and SH-341)

RocHard 1 MilProbe
1 MilProbe (SH-316) cleaning 3 mil pitch TAB substrate.


Dimensions of the 1 MilProbe, straight and angled version
Overall dimensions of the 1 MilProbe, straight and angled version.

  • The probe tip is strong and long lasting since it is made of a special, proprietary alloy to achieve maximum strength.
  • The hex shape stainless steel handle provides an easy grasp of the tool when operating under a microscope. It also prevents the tool from rolling on the work bench.
  • To further increase the comfort of using the tool, a foam sleeve that goes onto the handle is available as an optional part.
  • The One MilProbe comes with a protection cap and a vinyl pouch. The cap protects the tip from damage and protects the operator from injury. The pouch provides additional protection to the tip and provides a convenient way of storing and carrying the One MilProbe.

Inspection Mirrors
The new inspection mirror meets clean room requirements yet is sufficiently economical for non-clean room applications. A quality hand tool for the technician but inexpensive enough to meet the budgetary requirement of modern manufacturing. inspection mirrors
7/8" Inspection Mirror Head, 7" Overall Length
  • Medical quality inspection mirror that meets clean room requirements.
  • Comfortable hex shape stainless steel handle.
  • 45° mirror angle that allows inspection in hard-to-see places.
  • Indispensable inspection mirrors for electronic and electrical repair and rework, both in the plant and in the field!
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